Saturday, July 07, 2007

Endorsement, Confession

These HumPo poems that Ron links to are exceedingly fine. I am partial to these in particular. Confidential to Gabriel Gudding, whose work in the world is never done: up till a minute ago I believed that a stoat was a kind of enormous mother pig; I think the words sow, teat, and stout had been somehow smashed together erotically by my fecund etymological imagination. (I have a nebulous grasp of animal details as it is--for instance, I don't understand why we can't drink horse milk, I have no idea where a rat's period goes, and I consistently picture giraffes as having impeccable small white beards.) I chanced to look it up, however, and discovered that a stoat actually looks like this. Good God, I would like to be pregnant with one of those right about now.

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