Monday, May 28, 2007

Massive Vague Bird Rises Through Lamescape

Ha! No poem exists to accompany this drawing, you must trust your mind to provide you with one. Be sure and post it in the comments if it happens to be particularly remarkable.


Admiral Farragut said...

Quarter-moon trees 'round a darkling phoenix.
I hope the bird don't peck my penix.

Not very good poetry but I did get here firstus with the mostus.

Tricia said...

I disagree; I believe it is exceptional poetry. The bit about the penix caused me to clap my hands like a child.

Ms Peach said...

Blue delft black bird
inspires imagination most absurd,

Doesn't do your drawing justice, but felt something was required.

I really like this.
Thanks for posting.

Tricia said...

Your contribution is indispensable, Ms. Peach! I especially like the comma, which I have always felt to be the best punctuation mark to end a poem on.