Friday, January 12, 2007

You Were Warned

All beauty, resonance, integrity,
Exist by deprivation or logic
Of strange position. This being so,

We can only imagine a world in which a woman
Walks and wears her hair and knows
All that she does not know. Yet we know

What her breasts are. And we give fullness
To the dream.

from "Le Livre Est Sur La Table"

Do you see how I gave fullness to the dream, in the form of the endlessly adaptable Breast Cob and a few monstrously-woolled sheep? I have never given Breast Cob hands before, but I figured that they should probably be made of breasts as well, since my breasts for one are so fantastic for grasping. Also: titty-worsted! I feel that I should win some sort of award for that one.


Anonymous said...

You give me the hugest renob, John Ashbery

Tricia said...

RENOB! You are such a wordsmith.

Adam said...

holy fuck you are my new excellent.

Tricia said...

See, now that is the kind of response I am secretly hoping for when I post these things. Thank you, Adam, for so girthily fulfilling my wish!

Adam said...

seriously. titty-worsted. right you - you're blogrolled on BOTH my websites.

Tricia said...