Friday, December 15, 2006

O Take the Meaning, Lord

O my sons, my sons,

I, Simeon of the pillar, by surname
Stylites, among men; I, Simeon,
The watcher on the column till the end;
I, Simeon, whose brain the sunshine bakes;

from St. Simeon Stylites

Here is a picture of the sunshine baking a brain--St. Simeon's brain, to be specific, though I took no pains to make this information apparent in the drawing itself. I was far too busy perfecting my depiction of brain-steam and thinking of a suitable caption. My only regret is that I was not able to smear the baked brain with some kind of photographic frosting, but this proved to be beyond my capabilities.

The red-lipped consumables sitting on the table, right next to the eggshells and the WILD YEAST FOR BRAINS, are actually marzipan vaginas. Also, I hope you enjoy staring at the sun's genital rays as much as I do, since it is impossible to do so in real life without becoming blind, both because of the brightness and because God is punishing you for licentiousness. I did not intend to shove such a terrible abstract pornography into your eyes, but after I noticed it I decided to leave it in, as it strengthened the picture's genital theme.


Anonymous said...

those genital rays are so INVITING

Tricia said...

They will burn you up!