Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What This Hart Crane Party Really Needs: Part Two

Where the cedar leaf divides the sky
I heard the sea.
In sapphire arenas of the hills
I was promised an improved infancy.

from "Passage"

Infancy is pretty delightful in the first place, I think we can all agree--what with the continual rubbing of ointments and the angelic hairlessness--but the one thing that might make it slightly nicer is extra breasts. At first I just drew a regular baby rolling in the sapphire hills, but then I realized that I could add another dimension of poignancy if I used Babyfaced Dino instead, whose turbulent friendship with the character Breast Cob is a constant reminder to him that his infancy was a poverty of merely two. The dino body rollicks with anticipation, and the fat-legged baby face screams with excitement at the promise of more.


Anonymous said...
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Cuchulainn said...

It's always nice to see Babyfaced Dino, even when he's stealing Mr. Crane's spotlight. And as usual, your premise is interesting -- though I can't help considering if extra breasts would not diminish rather than enhance one's childhood. I mean, do you not become a little confused and dazed, and feel a strange sense of shame, when you walk down the cereal aisle at your local supermarket? I think there's such a thing as too many choices. If I'd had a breast cob of my own (and I've looked into it), I think my later experiences might have had some of the shiny knocked off them, seeming more dim, or even anti-climactic.

I like Babyfaced Dino. But consider the argument that you can feature Babyfaced Dino, and you can make fun of Victoria Silvstedt's head, but you can't do both.

(Apologies for the splatter, here. I was bored.)

-- Cu

Tricia said...

My mother used to tell me that "the more porn men look at, the less they want to have sex with real women," a pronouncement which I found, over many years of scrupulous and exhaustive research, to be patently false. So I must reject your theory that too many breasts too early would have knocked the shiny off the later ones.

P.S. Never apologize for your splatter.

Anonymous said...
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