Friday, November 03, 2006

We Will Make Our Meek Adjustments

Cuchulainn has spoken: Hart Crane wants a party! I think this is a truly excellent choice; I have been revisiting the man's work over the past few days and I have a thousand ideas for costumes, drawings, and cartoons. It's already the 3rd, so we had better behave like very fast animals in order to make up for lost time. Hart Crane, your party begins NOW.

As of this very minute, I am accepting Hart Crane submissions at happybirthdaywallace at yahoo dot com, since I see no reason to get a new email address each month. I will post your contributions as they come, starting with a few of my own--and possibly Cuchulainn's, too, if he desires to be a trailblazer. I'll also be posting a ton of Hart Crane links and resources as soon as I can--there has been a great deal of revived interest in him lately, due to the recent publication of his poems and letters by Library of America, so there's a lot to sift through. Note: I was previously unaware of how completely awesome-looking he was. No wonder Cleveland wanted a statue of him looking like a stony dandy!


Cuchulainn said...

Verily, I will be sending thee something soon.

Tricia said...

And oh my God, the wait was so, so worth it.