Sunday, October 29, 2006

Where's Your Ham Radio Now, Cuchulainn: Day Soupy-Trom

I had originally planned to post this picture as a regular entry, but when I finished it I saw it would make a fantastic contest entry, so I'm throwing caution to the wind and doing TWO contests this month. Your job is to whip out your collected Wallace Stevens and hunt wildly to discover which line of which poem is depicted in this extraordinarily professional-looking drawing. Hint: the poem in question was originally included in the book Transport to Summer. As usual, send your guesses to happybirthdaywallace at yahoo dot com, and the first person who guesses correctly will get a life-changing prize. Cuchulainn won the first contest handily, so the rest of you must rise up and piss artistically on the fire of his victory.


Ed Parsons said...
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Scooterdeb said...

While looking for "where's your ham now?" I came across this entry :) Indeed, we took out our collected Wallace Stevens and are ready to suggest that the awesome picture is based on the poem Somnambulisma.