Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are You Ready For This?: Day Twenty-Mmmrph

I'm very sorry for the lack of pictorial updates in the last two days--I have been rolling naked in a pile of gems. You cannot be angry at me, however, because I am here to inform you that I will be posting a CONTEST entry tomorrow, since I promised you a contest at the beginning of this whole shindig and I will not let Wallace Stevens make a liar out of me.

I'll post the picture sometime in the afternoon or early evening, so gird your loins. I'll give you a hint or two to make the whole guessing game a little less daunting, and I will send a spectacular prize of my own choosing to the person who first sends me a correct identification of the lines my drawing depicts to happybirthdaywallace at yahoo dot com. It is going to be very difficult; it is going to be very pervy; it will blow your minds.

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