Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wallace Stevens's Birthday, Part Two

If you’re visiting for the first time, be sure and read the statement of purpose for Emperor of Ice-Cream Cakes. The estimable Reb, the canonical Ron, and the bodacious Whimsy have all been kind enough to link here, and I am so excited for October that this morning in the shower I forgot what I was doing and accidentally applied a large quantity of shampoo to my face and lathered it like a grimacing underarm. Here are a few more relevants FAQs:

Q. Are you already accepting submissions? When will the submission period end?

A. I’m accepting submissions right now, and you can submit contributions up till the very end of October. You have lots of time.

Q. Can my contribution be a video of me and my friends on YouTube performing a costumed reading of one of Stevens’s poems?

A. Fantastic idea.

Q. Why don’t you call him Wally? You seem to love him enough, and it might be funnier.

A. When I was a child, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be one of those people who referred to “Chessy Milosz” or “Binso Jeffers” or “Rardy M. Hopkins.” Plus, one time in the course of a casual conversation I referred to Jessica Simpson as Jess, and I have pretty much never recovered from that. Wallace it is.

Q. Is this “party” really just viral marketing for some project of your own?

A. No, although that would have been a good idea. I just want to throw a giant discarnate party for Wallace Stevens’s 127th birthday. Of course, if we get to the end of October and I announce the release of my latest book, Tricked You All, subtitled Suck on My Wig of Things, Wallace Stevens, I Am Riding the Broad Sow of Your Genius All the Way to the Marketplace, you have the permission to throw me in the pokey of your choice, where I will choke to death on the smoke of my pants.

Q. I don’t think Wallace Stevens would approve!

A. Really? Well, I don’t think Wallace Stevens would approve of your lardy insubordinate face, which I have described in great detail in my epic poem Lardy Insubordinate Face and the Cheeks Below.

More questions as they come--in the meantime, get cracking on your costumes!

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