Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dylan Thomas+Crazy Dick Weeklong Interpretive Extravaganza: Interpretation the Second

Into the organpipes and steeples
Of the luminous cathedrals,
Into the weathercocks' molten mouths
Rippling in twelve-winded circles

from "Ceremony After a Fire Raid"

This one is way more horrifying than I first realized--I thought it was going to be cute and maybe even educational. Instead you get this: a lava-mouthed cloud penis dripping rain from its fluffy balls and hurling lightning bolts with its improbable arm. Anyway, this version of Crazy Dick is so crazy that not only is he orbited by tiny birds, he is also orbited by many of his own disembodied heads, so stick that in your mouth and melt it.

Edited because you people deserve a close-up

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